A woman, a sinner, shunned by society, encounters Jesus at the common well in town. When he extends forgiveness and grace, her life is changed forever! We are all thirsty for the saving grace of Christ—the living water He offers. Experience your own encounter with Jesus in these pages, and discover that grace in your own life!

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Grief is a club with open membership, but nobody wants to join!. Whether we grieve over the death of a loved one, the end of a marriage or long-term relationship, loss of a job, even when a pet dies, grief, like birth and death, is a universal experience.

Ideal resource for personal devotion or as a group study!

Follow the author's journey through:

  • The Valley of the Dry Bones
  • The Years the Locust Has Eaten
  • The Alabaster Jar

the signature blend anthology cover

The Signature Blend Audio Anthology

Five powerful stories from five incredible women!

International Day of the Girl - A Walk in our Life: Pandemic Edition

12 women across the world  share their stories about learning their incredible strength and resilience in the midst of a world-wide pandemic.

synergized faith

Synergized Faith

These powerful authors have come together to shed light on the idea of SYNERGIZED FAITH. The Bible says that FAITH is the evidence of things hoped for, but unseen; and we know that SYNERGIZED is a heightened level of a thing. Women from all walks of life; doctors, lawyers, mothers, speakers, various ethnicities and skin colors, have come together to talk about this thing they call SYNERGIZED FAITH!

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