Struggling to create effective writing skills? Let me help.

I believe each person is uniquely and divinely designed for a specific purpose.  I am called to create opportunities where people can experience how their story intersects God's story for their  life.  My desire is to encourage, support and uplift you on their journey of self-discovery, empowerment and pursuit of that purpose.


 Our Story, Our Approach

 Who Is Mary?

She is a writer, speaker, Biblical storyteller, columnist, retreat leader, and occasional blogger.  She is also a devoted wife, loving mother and doting grandmother, a true blue friend, and child of God.  Jobs? Mary has had just about any you can think of! “Jill of all trades” and master of some, she leans on the Lord to make it through every day—every hour. Okay . . . every minute. Oh! And coffee.  Lots of coffee!


~~ Prolific, creative, and energetic with a passion for life and deep and abiding faith in Jesus ~~

~~ Prayer warrior, tribe builder, wisdom seeker, hospitality extender ~~

~~ Grief journeyer, grace discoverer, hope sharer, faith assurer ~~

~~ Believer in the magic and power of words ~~

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