Guest Speaker


Are you looking for a guest speaker at your community group? Motivational speaker for your staff? Retreat speaker/leader? Bible study leader? Women’s or couple’s group speaker?

Mary offers presentations on a variety of topics, including:

  • Journal the Journey: Introduction to Journaling
  • Help, I've Lost My Balance (Balancing Multiple Life Roles)
  • Becoming God's Wonder Woman
  • Spiritual Journaling and Prayer
  • Frugal Living - How to Thrive on Less
  • Your Dream and God's Ready, Set, Go!
  • Other Topics by request

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Christian Storyteller

Mary is also a Christian storyteller.  Biblical Characters by Request:

  • Woman At The Well
  • Innkeeper's Daughter
  • Daughter of the Owner of the Upper Room
  • Others by Request
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Do you have a mission statement?  You know like your “reason to be” in the world?  What’s that thing that you can give the world that no one else can? Need help formulating that? I can help!

Are you living into your dream?  Or has the vehicle to your dream life become your primary focus?  Hmmmm . . .  Let's sort it out!

My mission is to help you divinely design your words to heal the world. . . make money . . . find your voice  . . .  tell your divinely assigned story.